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    Large Scale Webinar and Online Conference Consultation

    "Video-conference-life" is here to stay!

    And we are "meeting" the demand (pun intended).


    Looking to host an event from 100 to 1,000 people? Let us know. We've extensive experience running the technical direction behind large-scale webinars and meetings. We'll make your event run professionally and well-crafted. Graphics, videos, rehearsals, as well as handling all the questions and answers that come your way.


    Contact us for an A+ experience.

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    Web Application Development

    Real-time, Interactive applications built for all screens

    These are not just "web pages" but fully functional, interactive applications that respond in real-time to everyone using them. And our applications are fully responsive so they are accessible no matter what size screen or device you are using.


    Our flavor of work is using Vue.js and Nuxt.js, running on Firestore Cloud services, ensuring you aren't paying for a lot of overhead - only for the level of service and activity your application needs.

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    Mobile Application Development

    Applications built for tablets and Mobile devices

    We build mobile applications quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for an app that can run from a web browser on your phone or tablet, or if you are looking for a "native" application, we can make it happen for you.

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    Security Audits and Evaluation

    Secure your application systems from the ground up

    A well-developed application is only as good as its security. Even if you are using a well-known, open-source application like WordPress or Joomla, if security is not standard, your application, system, clients, and your reputation can be online,


    Our security audits comprise a 6-step process that includes info gathering and test for requests interception, code execution and file inclusion vulnerabilities, XSS, and Brute Force & Dictionary exploits. And we standardize our auditing process on the Open Web Application Security Project, a worldwide, community-led non-profit which sets significant standards in security global protocols.

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    Application Maintenance

    Maintain what you have ...

    Do you have an application already developed? Maybe you previously had a developer build in their spare time and now you're looking to sustain development and support for the future. Contact us to create a support system and keep things going with your app. We'll even develop new features in your stack, too.

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