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    Human eyes on ALL student evaluations as you collect, store, and archive letters of recommendation - indefinitely.

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    veCollect is the only collection service for credentials & evaluations storage solution which gives the institution complete control over the process – you control the applicant's access, documents, and information from start to finish!

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    Control the Registration Process

    You control the level of security for registration that works best for your office. You may choose to provide a unique code for the registration form and/or choose manual activation.

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    Evals and Credentials

    Applicants (or advisors) can easily add evaluators' or recommenders' contact information. They can then initiate the veCollect system to securely & privately contact the evaluators with the details they need to securely transmit their letters to your applicant's record.

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    Easily Manage Applicants

    Advisors & Career Centers can easily see and manage applicants and their letters of evaluation at a glance.

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    Securely Send Evaluations Electronically

    veCollect allows evaluators to securely send their evaluations on letterhead & with signatures via email directly to the veCollect system. Each letter is screened by a veCollect team member to ensure that it is going to the correct applicant record.

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    Advisors Control Policies

    Applicants must select a confidentiality level & agree to your institutional FERPA statement when providing letters.

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    Customized Experience for Your Institution

    Easily customize all content your applicants see. You control the experience both on-screen and when downloading content.

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    A Process You Can Understand

  • Flexible Payment Options

    veCollect provides easy and flexible payment options depending on your needs. Have no funding at your institution? You can still use veCollect for your applicants!

    Institution Pays

    Would your institution like to maintain control over payments?

    • Your institution pays an annual subscription fee based on the number of applicants you store on veCollect (Click here for the subscription fees.)
    • Subscription fees can either be paid in one annual fee or in smaller monthly installments
    • Are you currently using veClient? Receive a 50% discount on  the cost of your subscription!

    Applicant Pays

    Are you faced with a limited or restricted budget and unable to pay for a subscription? 

    • Applicants can pay a flat $20 annual subscription – no more!
    • No charges to your institution & applicants’ subscriptions are automatically maintained by veCollect
    • You control which applicants can and cannot use veCollect
    • Your institution has access to ALL the features of veCollect and still maintains control over the collection and storage of your letters of evaluation
  • Special Note to Applicants

    If you are an applicant to health professions schools you are eligible to use the services of VirtualEvals only if your health professions advisor has subscribed to our service. Contact your health professions advisor directly for further information.

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    Need help with a problem. Or want to view helpful documents and tutorials?