• Celebrate 2021 with a new veCollect

    We've been hard at work creating an experience for all applicants - with and without advisors- planning for the next phase of their professional careers!

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    The New veCollect

    Faster, better, easier, and ready for you!

    And we're starting to beta in January and February 2020!

  • What is veCollect?

    Imagine a virtual filing cabinet. veCollect lets applicants and advisors collect, store, and organize evaluations, recommendations, transcripts, or whatever files are needed until they are ready to be shared. veCollect assists advisors/career centers with collecting letters directly from evaluators in digital format as .doc, .docx, or .pdf format on letterhead with signature. The advising office/career center can then create a packet of letters according to the needs of the applicant. The packet of letters, in .pdf format, can then be shared with the health professions schools/programs applicants are applying.


    Add Evaluators

    Applicants and advisors add evaluators to veCollect.


    Request Evals & Recs

    veCollect contacts the evaluators quickly and securely, requesting what the applicant has asked.


    Receive Files

    veCollect automatically communicates with the evaluator to ensure that the file is uploaded on real letterhead with a real signature.


    Package & Deliver

    When the time is right, package multiple letters into a single file that can be uploaded or emailed as part of the application process.