• Application Status & Maintenance


    You may encounter issues with clicking some links and buttons between Wednesday, April 14 and Friday, April 16.

    We're excited to share we have completed a number of updates and improvements that will make your experience using the application much better:

    • The email systems have been completely overhauled and we are using a much more reliable service for delivery. 
    • We've moved to a new hosting provider which gives us significantly improved backend infrastructure, security, and storage.
    • Our application and web servers that run the code have been rebuilt and upgraded to meet additional security and service needs.
    • And our systems are now situated to slowly allow the release of the new version of veCollect we've been talking about for some time. 


    We've done our best to ensure that little to no interference with your daily work occurs, however, there are some updates that will unfortunately require updating over the next 24-hours (and we've tried to facilitate as many as possible during the overnight and weekend hours). What this means is that you may encounter issues with clicking some links and buttons between now and Thursday, April 15. Please know that we are aware of these issues, and unfortunately, they will impact until all systems and services propagate through the internet.


    If you do, however, have any additional questions or concerns, continue to reach us at help@virtualevals.org.


    Thanks, the veCollect Team