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VirtualEvals & AACOMAS

Important info regarding the new letter system

VE will continue to operate as usual. All but one of the DO schools will still be able to download from VE as before. We have reached out to the receiving schools and so far have heard from only one who plans to stop downloading from VE - TUCOM in California. If this changes, we will be sure to post an announcement on the dashboard and update our receivers list to avoid any confusion.

When we first became aware of the new AACOMAS letter service, we reached out to AACOM to work out a way for them to download directly from VE - just like AMCAS and TMDSAS do currently. Although there is no immediate/simple solution yet, AACOM is now committed to developing a process by which VE senders can transmit their letters to AACOMAS - similar to our current process with AMCAS and TMDSAS. We will soon connect with Liaison to begin working on this programming change. 

For now, senders should continue to attach the individual DO schools to the applicant record as usual and receiving DO schools should continue to download from VE. We've gone through a similar process with AMCAS and TMDSAS and are confident that we will have success with AACOMAS as well. I will keep you posted on our progress. AACOM assured us that they are committed to seeing this process up and running by the beginning of the 2017 application cycle at the latest.

Many of our sending schools have expressed a desire to continue sending letters using VirtualEvals. We believe that our systems are still the best option for advisors who like having a one-stop shop for letter collection and transmission. We are working hard to ensure that you continue to receive excellent services that meet your needs. VE has enjoyed more than 10 years of successful relationships with more than 300 sending and receiving schools. It is our desire to continue those relationships in the years to come.

Thanks as always for using VE.

Please feel free to contact if you have questions.